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About Us - CAT Aerostaffing

At CAT - Our mission is to serve our customers AND Employees.

CAT Aerostaffing is in business to serve our customers and our employees.  

When good employees are partnered with well operated customers, we're able to improve their bottom line and keep aircraft flying.  


And when one of our employees decide to join a customers team directly - we take great pride in bringing the two together.

We love aviation & all it offers - It's why we are here

We Love Aviation

  • We understand the fundamentals of flight.
  • We study the history as well as the future of aviation.
  • We know aircraft and the markets they serve.
We know our customers We listen to our customers & understand their needs

We Know Our Customers


  • We meet them face to face.
  • We visit their facilities.
  • We understand their markets.
  • We connect with them weekly.
  • We listen to them.  
CAT Employees are PEOPLE with important needs.

We Care About Our Employees

  • We know what it takes to be a mechanic (because we are mechanics).
  • Our focus is on need and fit.  What do you need and where will you fit?
  • We offer travel bonuses, pay advances, paid holidays and weekly electronic paychecks.
  • Employees are people with complex needs and important responsibilities.  We value each of them and understand what it takes to balance work, family & fun.

Our History

CAT Aerostaffing was created in April 2012 by two A&P Mechanics, Pete Gross and Hal Belles. Pete owns several other aircraft relate businesses in the Northwest and saw the need to provide mechanics and technicians to clients small-to-intermediate repair stations, FBO’s and other aviation flight operators.

We focused our services on supplying mechanics and technicians to local Montana based clients and then expanded these services to include other northwest states and Alaska.  Many of our clients do not have the time or internal resources to recruit, screen and hire well qualified candidates in a timely manner.  We learned early on that when we do our job correctly, our customers save money and time. 

Steve Crenshaw joined the CAT team in 2015 to support the growing customer base and help with recruiting and today CAT Aerostaffing provides services to dozens of clients all across the United States.  We focus our efforts on the needs of our customers AND employees.  This basic formula continues to guide us and help us grow each year. In 2018 Joaquin Martens joined our team as a recruiter.  Joaquin brings many years of professional experience working with aviation mechanics.  He researches hundreds of resumes weekly and interview dozens of candidates to provide good results for our customers.


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