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Do You Know Your Costs?

Finding & hiring employees may cost more than you realize

Employees cost more than you might believe.

Use our employee cost calculator


...........and see what your employees actually cost.

Your Weekly Wage Costs :

Your Actual Hourly Employee Cost $0.00
Your Payroll Per Hour Cost $0.00
Your Weekly Wage Costs $0.00
Your Total Weekly Cost $0.00

                      Hidden Costs such as

                                                              Search Costs (Posting/Marketing/Interviewing)

                                                                                      Hiring Costs (Background Check/Drug Screen)

                                                                                      Compliance Costs (ACA/IRS Reporting)

                                                                                      Bad Hire Costs (Low Productivity, Poor Morale)

                                                                            ................Can run $5000-$10,000

                                           (National Average)

Understanding all the various costs associated with transitioning employees in and out of your company can be overwhelming.  Some costs are easy to see and others (like lost productivity) may not be known.  The list of costs is long and often hard to define.  


There are of course typical costs:


  • FICA
  • Medicare
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers Comp
  • Benefits
  • PTO/Sick/Holiday Pay
  • Drug Testing
  • Travel Pay
  • Payroll Services

Some costs are not so easy to quantify:


  • Departure costs - Downtime, exit interviews, administrative time to terminate benefits, etc.
  • Replacements costs - Advertising, interviewing, background checks, recruitment costs, uniforms, etc..
  • Training and development costs - Orientation, training time, time taken away from management.
  • Lost productivity - Overtime, lost sales. 
  • Customer service costs - Errors, bad reviews.  
  • Cultural impact - Change in relationships, adjustment periods, loss of moral.


And what about the worst cost:


  • A bad hire - Double your costs and start over.  

CAT Aerostaffing can save you money & time.


  • We do the marketing, research, interviewing & drug testing.
  • We take care of all payroll taxes, insurances, withholding & paychecks.
  • We pay incentives, travel & bonuses.
  • We offer competitive rates and unmatched service.



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